Hospital placement and Internship

Volunteering in hospitals is an important way to learn and to help. It allows you to have a deeper understanding of the Ghanaian healthcare system and appreciate working with limited resources. FEB ensures that your experience is phenomenal. We are committed to rendering a stress free but sometimes challenging, educational, convenient and, most importantly, very affordable service. We enable you to also give support to the limited staff. Learning opportunities are diverse, and each volunteer can choose his or her learning goals with guidance from FEB. We  ensure that our electives enable you to experience the Ghanaian culture. We provide you  fante lessons for day to day communication with people and your patients. All healthcare staff speak English fluently, a small proportion of elderly patients which accounts for most of patients in the hospitals may speak English, most young people speak English well.

Our volunteers go through an orientation session including, an outline of the Ghanaian healthcare system, common diseases, safety in the hospital, work times, food, and travel destinations else where in Ghana. They are also taken on a familiarity trip in Cape Coast. Most volunteers are immediately attracted to the wonderful beaches, African markets and the huge Castle.

We provide you with the opportunity of  working  in rural CHPS zones, district hospitals, or an urban experience in big cities like Accra and Cape Coast. We create elective and volunteering program to satisfy your very needs. We coordinate airport pick-ups, transport to your elective site, housing, and also arrange extra opportunities like weekend travels to Ghana Tourism sites.

Since we were founded we have worked with hospitals, schools, orphanages and different organisations both big and small in Ghana. We are growing bigger and satisfying more and more students.

 Placement is all year round and any date open for application. Volunteer work schedules are  flexible, and include optional afternoon and night duties.

We are the NGO of choice when it comes to medical experience in Cape Coast. Volunteers can also have their placement in  another city in Ghana if they wish.

HOSPITAL PLACEMENT AND INTERNSHIP: We provide hospital placements for volunteers who wish to have some experience in Ghanaian Hospitals. Our chosen facilities provides you with just this experience. We enable you to observe and assist some procedures, take patients vitals, join ward rounds, shadow Ghanaian doctors as they go about their work in the hospitals. It is a totally different experience. Our chosen facilities are very welcoming.

CAPE COAST TEACHING HOSPITAL: This is the biggest hospital in the region that FEB operates, it is a tertiary hospital, which trains medical students from the University of Cape Coast Medical School. It is owned by the government of Ghana and a public facility which accepts all patients most of which are on the national health insurance scheme. It has over 50 medical doctors from consultants, specialists, medical officers and junior doctors. It has a bed population of about 400 and attends to most of the complicated cases in the region. It has a renal dialysis unit and intensive care unit with 4 beds. At this facility you will find most of the specialists and you will also see most of the complex cases.  Surgeries performed here include hip replacement surgeries,ORIF, and other orthopedic procedures, laparotomies, amputations, myomectomy, total abdominal hysterectomy, cesarian sections etc.Take the opportunity of joining general ward rounds( academic and clinical decision making rounds) observing procedures, attend ward meetings, clinical audits, and mortality meeting. Enjoy being a part of patients care, and a part of the team.

The available units are:

  • General surgery
  • Urology
  • Trauma and Orthopedics
  • Ophthalmology
  • Ear Nose and Throat surgery
  • Neurosurgery- only rans clinics occasionally. No surgeries.
  • Internal medicine
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology 
  • Delivery suite\ labor ward
  • Neonatal Intensive Care
  • Pediatrics\ Childhealth
  • Pathology
  • Accident and Emergency
  • Physiotherapy

METROPOLITAN HOSPITAL: This facility used to be the biggest hospital in Cape Coast, it is a very good facility to work in espercially with deliveries since they get some of the  highest numbers. It is located along the coast of Cape Coast, and close to the nursing training college in Cape Coast. Some of the student nurses and midwifes have their practical training here. It has a good patient population with averages of upto 200 outpatients cases per day. Most patients come from the coastal areas of Cape Coast and neighboring surroundings. The hospital has a dental, eye and family planning unit.

It also has the following wards male and female wards, kids ward, and maternity ward with a delivery room. It has an emergency unit, operating room, laboratory, an outpatients department, triage, and consulting rooms. It is smaller than Cape Coast teaching Hospital. It has a bed population of about 80-100.

BAIDEN GHARTEY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL: This is one of the oldest serving privately owned medical facilities in Cape Coast. It belongs to the late Dr. David Ghartey, a family physician but is now being managed by the son, an energetic medical officer. It is a very busy hospital. It provides you with a feel of medical practise in a different environment. Volunteers are offered the opportunity of being in the consulting rooms with the doctors, checking vitals, and assisting some procedures. It has wards and performs surgical procedures like Caesarian sections.

Volunteer at the Maternity Unit