Health and Safety

Volunteers health and safety is a  primary concern for us. For us to continue to  ensure that all our volunteers are safe when with us we work as a team. Below you will find details on how we try to keep our volunteers safe.

Am i safe in Ghana?

Ghana is a very safe country. We are visited by numerous tourist from all over the world. Ghanaians are known worldwide for their hospitality. Just like any other country there could be problems. Since we started operating we have not had any issues but we always encourage our volunteers to keep safe espercially at night. We always discuss safety measures with our volunteers and we always striving to improve on this.


Our accommodation is in a serene, secure and peaceful area with our staff available 24/7.

Emergency evacuation

In the event that there is an emergecy and a volunteer needs to leave we will assist in the best of our capacity. We encurage volunteers to always keep us informed of any events so we can help. We have however never ecountered any problem of this sort yet.

Medical emergency

FEB is a community based organisation and we tend to work in deprived and rural parts of Ghana. In the event that we are working in a cmmunity and there is an emergency with a volunteer we have put in place measures to quickly tranfer such individuals to the closest hospital. We however advocate for prevention which is key. So its also the volunteers responsibilty to keep us in the known of any medical illness that maybe potentialy dangerous, espercially strong allergies etc. We always have medical teams with us. A volunteer with a problem can easily get help from them.

Common illnesses can also be easily treated.

FEB accommodation is close to the teaching hospital, so its easily accessible if we are back at the house.


At the moment we are working on getting our own trucks. We however have arranged transport for all our activities. We recommend that if a volunteer needs transportation he or she informs us. On medical outreaches we provide you with the safest means of transport available. We always recommend volunteers to walk in groups also if possible.


Every volunteer is provided with a Ghanaian simcard with emergency numbers and our team is also readily available.

Common things to avoid

Avoid walking alone at night

Avoid walking in dark areas where there is no one else

Avoid holding your phones, cameras etc at night where it is easily visible

Avoid carry a lot of money or expensive things with you when going out.

Try dressing normally, nothing very expensive

Dont be in the habit of showing people where you stay or bringing them home, even people you think you trust

Avoid bringing strange taxi drivers to the house etc


Remember that safety is a team effort. We always count on the corportion of our volunteers.



If you have any questions please email us.