UNICEF has stated that 82 children for every 1000 live births will not celebrate their fifth birthday. These deaths are caused by many problems, but most of them can be prevented such as malaria, malnutrition and diarrhoeal diseases. While Francis Eshun Baidoo Foundation has been working hard to improve the health of those kids under five, we need your help to continue and expand our work. The Francis Eshun Baidoo Foundation has put on events such as malnutrition outreach and education programs where children under five are tested and treated for malnutrition and families are educated on how to keep their children healthy. We have also gone into rural communities and provided education and supplies for proper hygiene to prevent the spread of common disease and infections such as parasites. While prevention has been our main priority, we also provide medical care to communities that do not have access to local health clinics and treat many cases of malaria, malnutrition and parasites annually.   
We are in dire need of a truck to help us transport supplies and resources to these rural communities. The road to the villages are not paved and flood easily in the rainy season. In the past, we have been renting trucks or using taxis to get into the communities which has become ineffective and costly. You can help us save the lives of many Ghanaian children. Your support is key in solving this problem. 
We thank you in advance for your support!  Your donation is greatly appreciated!